written by Conrad Slate

That is one of the most common questions we hear in our planning process.   

The following statements are common when considering the question above: 

  • I looked at my statement and it’s only $XXX monthly difference if I start now.  Why wait longer for that small amount?
  • The earlier I start the more money I’ll receive over my lifetime.  
  • I may die before I reach age XX so I might as well start now. 
  • I’d rather have it now just in case….

When planning on when to take Social Security benefits there are many considerations.  

  • Do you need the income today?  
  • What is your family history when it comes to life expectancy?  
  • How is your health today?  
  • Have you considered the expenses you’ll have in retirement that you don’t have today?  
  • Have you factored in the increased likelihood of higher medical costs in retirement?  
  • Have you considered inflation and the cost of living in retirement?


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