That’s my youngest grandson, Miles, age 6.  He loves to fish, and since he was three he has caught fish! 

The photo above is from this week in Florida. Fishing in Tampa Bay, he has had a great week of catching dozens of sea trout, snapper, and other common fish.  He would rather fish that go to Dollywood or Disney World (me too).  

His dad told me that Miles started fishing as soon as they got into the water, and it took only a short while until he figured out what he needed to do to catch fish.  Part of that is his interest.  His brother, Harrison, is older and loves being on the water, but he is more interested in what is going on around them than he is in fishing.  Harrison can tell you everything about the boats that are around, whether they are inboard or outboard, whether they are fishing or just boating, who is doing what, and anything that is unusual or especially interesting.  Miles is oblivious to anything other than catching fish. Neither is right or wrong but they are different.

Isn’t that how we are?  We do better with things we like and care about.  Sometimes it is better to go to the barber than cut our own hair!  Let SDP help you with those financial “things” you just don’t want to deal with. There is no formula or pattern that fits everyone. Our pleasure is to help you sort out and decide what works best for you.