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So You Think You Want to Retire?


I was too busy to think of retirement at 70.  I was going to work as long as “the boys” at SDP would let me, or until I couldn’t work.  Oh, I envisioned slowing down and taking a day a week off, but retiring wasn’t really on the radar!

Looking back, I think a big part of me being too busy was really fear that I would let people down. 

I didn’t want to let them down by “bailing” when I know they need me.  I have clients of 50 years!  I don’t know what that says about them, but I know they are special to me!  No one knows them as I do.  No advisor could possibly have the relationship and understanding I’ve spent years developing.  It’s too often these days that I get “The Call”.   It’s the call telling me that someone is seriously ill or that they died unexpectedly.  That’s when my friends rely on me.  I’ve seen it over the years and those tough times are much more complicated than just a few years ago.  

All that’s true, but if I am honest, I think it was a fear of losing my identity.  How foolish of me!   My foremost identity is as Brenda’s husband, a father, grandfather and now great-grandfather!   That’s what’s important.

The tracks of time become familiar pathways.  We look forward to the anticipated and familiar view from just around the next bend.  It’s like stopping at that favorite overlook and drinking in the view.  That’s how meetings with long-time clients go.  “How are the grandchildren?  Do you have pictures?” or “Tell me about that trip!”  I think that kind of interaction is something I knew I’d miss.

Join me next time as we look forward.