I understand that with the recent behavior of the stock market, you may be getting impatient. You may be thinking: “What should I do? Should I do something different? Should I get out of the market now?”

Don’t panic. Don’t make a rash decision.

Perspective: The market is going to rise and fall. Short-term stock market fluctuations happen, and they can occur quickly and often without warning.

Our Approach: The plan that you and I have created is for the long-term. We created it based on your needs and goals, and with your Time Horizon in mind. Adjusting a long-term financial plan in response to short-term market downturns can be a costly mistake.

The long-term potential of the market is significant. Don’t let today’s headlines affect your long-term outlook. Your time horizon is measured in years, even decades – not months or days. A long-term investment is typically five years or longer.

Step back from the volatility.

Keep up with the news, but try to look beyond the moment and keep your long-range goals in mind. If you’d like to discuss your investment goals with me, or if you have any questions about recent market activity, please call me at