Losing an emotional connection with your spouse can be more painful than losing them to death.

“Emotional checkout” happens often and while there may be specific reasons, i.e. depression, that cause detachment, there are ways to help facilitate a path forward.

You may feel emotionally alone, but you still are legally entitled to joint assets. Protect your interests by making your concerns and wishes known so that your spouse is aware of your desires. Try to focus on the root of the issue first by seeking professional help to determine what that is, then by making healthy choices for YOU moving forward. Choices like acknowledging any “self-treatment” actions that might be detrimental…READ: shopping therapy, or substance abuse.
Instead, equip yourself with more security by recruiting help from counselors and financial advisors that can help you create strategies to improve your current situation. Whether the future includes completely detaching from the relationship, or efforts to make reparations, there are financial steps that can help make the future brighter.