Me and the guys at SDP have spent years asking people “What does retirement look like?” or “What are your goals and dreams for the future?” It’s fulfilling to help people set plans in place to reach those goals and dreams.

Recently a good friend asked me what MY dream future, or my retirement years, would look like and I was taken by the feelings that came over me. It was a tough question! I’m glad he made me answer and turned the question we ask our client family back on myself.

“Well, my dream would be to buy a seaplane and give people rides around the patch taking off from the lakes around here for a hundred bucks a pop. I’d love to have my pilot’s license and be able to help out those disaster teams and people that need emergency flights. I think that would be an awesome retirement.”

It was interesting to have to answer that question, and I felt such congruence with that picture: That’s what I WANT!

Now me and the SDP Team wants to know… What’s YOUR dream future look like? Tell us your dream story in an email and don’t hold back! This isn’t a time to be “practical,” but really dream! It’s your future after all and we want to know what it looks like for you!