A financial plan is the outcome of blending your needs wants, ideals, values, and dreams into a comprehensive product that outlines what needs to be done,

what steps should be taken while considering what assets you have and are accumulating and how to best deploy those assets to help accomplish your objectives.

Because “life happens” a financial plan is not a static document or an event.  It is a dynamic process of ongoing monitoring, evaluation, updates, modifications and interaction between the planner and the clients.  It is more than an annual checkup, it is a revisiting of goals and evaluation of investments and considering new needs or opportunities.  

A comprehensive plan done by SDP covers six main areas:  Legal documents, debt and cash flow, risk management, investments, retirement income planning, and estate planning.  

A plan may also cover education funding, business issues, special needs or dependent planning, etc. as dictated by your needs and goals.  As financial planners, we do not prepare taxes or legal documents, but we do review and use them as part of our evaluation and planning.  If you need tax or legal advice we will work with your current professional advisors or we can recommend several with whom we have worked and trust.