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So You Think You Want to Retire?

I think I can still be of value in a lot of ways, but probably different from what I have primarily done in the past. 

During Covid, I began to think of what regrets I would have if Brenda or I died from the virus.  I’d regret that I didn’t do more things with her, simple things like walk around the neighborhood.  I think I’d regret that I didn’t take a “drive” with her with nothing on the agenda.   Just go until we decide to stop.  Stay until we decide to go.  Come home when we are ready. 

We’re actually planning to do that, almost.  We want to start driving west and stop to visit some family members, my oldest brother, and his wife in Memphis, some cousins, and some very long-time friends who we met in Richmond, VA.  We were just “kids”.  It was in Lamaze class just before our daughters were born that we met and have remained friends since.  We were brand new to Richmond. They attended the same church, but we had not met!  They have just made the big move to little Rock to be near their children.  They need a visit and so do we!

We want to be more involved with our church family and do some things that will have a positive impact on other people, even if small.  We want to go to Norway (long story).  We want to see places we haven’t seen, mostly in the USA.  We aren’t sure what all that will look like.  With health permitting, we have things to do!

So, if you see us somewhere you wouldn’t expect to see us, just remember, that is part of the plan!