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So You Think You Want to Retire?

The time has come. In fact, it’s probably overdue.

Rick and Will are seasoned and highly capable. We’ve been navigating through the toughest and most challenging conditions we’ve faced in several decades, so they are battle-tested and proven.

They’re smarter than I am, for sure. They are committed to our values and care for our clients as I do. We are all different, make no mistake, but we share the love of what we do and a commitment to do our very best for our client family. The time is right for me to turn the reins over to guys who I admire and trust. They will continue to do well for our clients. My years have been challenging, rewarding, fun, and frustrating, but mostly a pleasure. My clients and friends have made it so.

So let me tell you the short version of the decision. If you’ve read the other little posts you know I have come from “invincible” to vulnerable. I can tell you that I have shed some tears over this. I’m glad I did. Not just once, but several times as I have thought about not going to Franklin Square every day. My interactions with clients will now be primarily as friends as I pass the baton. I regret that I won’t be needed. That’s just being honest; vanity stood in my way for a while. I really won’t be needed because we have a business culture that is intact with people who are committed to continuing it.

All my client friends will be well-served. I’ve decided everything will be A-OK. I WILL be needed by Brenda, and I hope by my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. That salves the sting. That’s a higher calling!

I’ll have some parting thoughts next time.