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So You Think You Want to Retire?



In the last post I was somewhere in my mid- 60’s; this time I am approaching 70 as we start.  I postponed Social Security because I was in good health at 65, and I knew the larger payout was worth waiting for if I lived.  Yes, I did start to think a bit about my mortality, after all, I was 70!

Some clients depend on me for financial matters, but others want to talk about things non-financial.  There are things they may be dealing with and they know that I’ll be candid and confidential if we speak.  Often, I’ve already been there.  Things like aging parents and the issues involved with staying in their homes, thinking about the need for assisted living for a parent, etc. present serious concerns and the need for someone who’ll listen and be a straight shooter.  Was it time for me to think about myself in that light?

So “roaring” toward my 70s I decided that I needed to play more golf so I would be ready when retirement did come.  We moved, got a smaller house with virtually no yard.  I did play more golf, but not as much as I thought I would…I was too busy!  I also thought I would do some other recreational things, but it was hard because I was just too busy.  I have two young grandsons who are terrific, and at very young ages they already loved to fish.  So I did spend time with them fishing, and it was great–loads of fun for all.  We didn’t fish enough because I was… too busy.  Golf suffered, too.  I was too busy!

If you are still with me, join me next time.  It gets more interesting.