The year 2020 is one of the most eventful in recent times, and changes to the rules that govern retirement accounts are no exception. One of these changes is the waiver of required minimum distributions (RMDs) for 2020. As a result of this waiver, you are not required to take RMDs from your IRA for 2020. But if you are of RMD age in 2021, you must resume RMDs for 2021 and continue for every year after. RMDs were waived for beneficiary IRAs as well and will need to resume in 2021 for certain beneficiaries.

Reminder: RMDs do not apply to Roth IRA owners.


RMDs- A Mild Refresher

An RMD is a minimum amount that you must distribute (or withdraw) from your retirement account for any RMD year. You can always distribute more if you want to; however, a distribution of less than your RMD amount will result in you owing the IRS an excess accumulation penalty of 50% of the RMD shortfall. For example, if your RMD for 2021 is $20,000 and your 2021 IRA distributions total only $12,000, you will owe the IRS an excess accumulation penalty of $4,000 [($20,000 – $12,000) x 50%].