There are few things more professionally satisfying to a financial coach than embracing an opportunity to guide others to and through an “aha moment.” You know, those enlightening times when you finally realize a solution to a problem that can ultimately be life changing. You don’t have to be a financial coach to find that it can be an extremely cathartic experience to witness someone overcome their money-related fears and anxieties with a newfound sense of hope and empowerment.

Last week, an email circulated around Financial Finesse, a leading provider of workplace financial wellness services and the company that I work for. This inspirational story was written by a woman who has been working with Bruce Young, a friend, mentor, and our Director of Training at Financial Finesse. She is a divorcee in her early 60’s who entered a series of financial wellness consultations completely uncertain about her financial future and whether she would ever be able to retire. Her follow-up email to our CEO had the entire team of financial planners inspired by her words of confidence and the resilience she demonstrated while overcoming those money-related fears.

Managing our personal finances has many challenges. When it comes to overcoming the obstacles on our journey to true financial independence, the biggest problem isn’t typically a lack of information. It’s a lack of action. If you have some gaps in your financial life that are creating stress and anxiety, here are some quick fixes you can use today that may lead you to your own “aha moment” tomorrow:

Manage your money with a purpose. Money is simply a tool. There are only a few things we ultimately can do with it – spend it on experiences or stuff, pay back creditors, give it to others, or save it for the future.

It is hard to manage your personal finances and follow through on your plans with smart choices if you don’t have a solid grasp on your values and priorities. Why does money matter to you? When you take time to understand your “why,” your financial plan becomes aligned with your personal life plans.