When your spouse is disabled, they can often become discouraged, and even depressed. Dealing with these issues can leave you feeling lonely.

Depending on the expected duration of disability, and severity of the causing factor, things can look very daunting.

  • Do we have disability insurance? How do we get anything out of it?
  • What about Social Security Disability?
  • How do we keep the bills paid while keeping up with health concerns?
Ideally, couples will plan ahead before disability occurs with things like a robust emergency fund of cash in the bank, the best quality disability insurance affordable, and communicating with each other about what each desires if a disability does occur. Many times though disability is unexpected and few prepare for the possibility.
It isn’t hopeless though when both spouses feel empowered to move ahead. Focus on what you have to help make it through. Get focused on a specific budget. Ask creditors for assistance during emergent times. Elicit help from professionals to assist with disability insurance claims, budgeting, and legal concerns. Lastly, and maybe most important, seek support from friends, family, and support groups for emotional help and ideas to help you keep moving forward.