When your spouse suffers from dementia, it is especially hard since, as the caregiver, you feel as if you’ve lost your spouse, yet your spouse is still here requiring care.

Aside from trying to process the sorrow of your loved one’s condition, dealing with financial things can become overwhelming.
Does it make sense to take over all financials? How can you protect your spouse, AND yourself from risks associated with dementia? What about getting help? Respite care? How does anyone pay for all of that?
Ideally, couples will plan ahead before dementia impacts their family. Legal documents, accounting, inventorying assets, and maintaining health all play a part. After a diagnosis is made, what can a caregiver do?
There are things you CAN do to prepare for and deal with the challenge. Getting professional help from those who are familiar with these circumstances can help you address home care, financials, facing the future, and keeping yourself healthy too!