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My personal journey in a blended family


The cycle of life often brings us transition periods.  These periods can be positive and negative experiences.  After my personal experience of divorce, I had to transition to making financial decisions on my own again.  And now, a few years later and having met someone special again, I have to consider the transition of merging financial decisions and plans again.  My special someone has also experienced divorce in her life.  Our recent experiences in a blended family bible study together made me realize that there are a large percentage of Americans in blended families.

I am going to focus this series of writings on sound financial tips and strategies for new blended families coming together.  After all, when we experience the loss and grief of divorce, we often hear ourselves saying “I don’t want to make the same mistakes again this time”.   Financial actions and habits are often one of the stressors that lead to divorce in the first place, so let’s focus on bringing some positive ideas and ways to help make healthy financial decisions together in our new family.