Part A of Medicare has no direct premium cost to a participant, but it does have a $1,288 per admission deductible in 2016.  

Part B of Medicare has a monthly premium that is automatically deducted from your Social Security check.  Each participant has a monthly premium, so the cost is applicable to both husband and wife who are on Medicare Part B.  The part B premium can change each year.  The Part B premium you pay depends on your income during the time you receive Social Security.

For 2016, individual premiums range from $121.80 to $389.80.  Only those with joint income in excess of $428,000 will pay the highest premium.  However, remember that if you sell assets and those assets show up on you tax return your premium could increase to the appropriate level, based on that income reported.   

At a minimum, you should figure on about $3,000 annually for your Medicare premiums if you are married.  Any deductibles, co-payments, prescription drugs, etc.  are in addition to the premium costs for Medicare.