While being a business owner can be very rewarding, it involves huge responsibility – juggling managing your staff and essential communications while you try to keep your eye on levels of productivity, growth and profit. This can leave you with little time to think strategically about your working day – let alone how your business can grow.

You may think that the best CEOs don’t think about the finer details of day-to-day management and that assistant staff plan the diary while you focus on higher-level leadership tasks, but in fact, continually looking for ways in which to streamline your time management during your working day is a vital cog in driving your business success.

So, what does the average day for a business owner look like? According to research around a quarter of CEO’s days are spent alone, while 56% of the day is spent with at least one other person – namely meetings. With such little time to tackle daily tasks, effective management is key to continued progress driven by the CEO.