Focus!  Ben Franklin understood that magnification would help make images bigger. 

He improved on glasses of the day by splitting the lens into two parts…one for seeing more distant objects and one for seeing closer objects better.  Neither single solution worked in all instances.  One had to pick between seeing up close or seeing farther away.   Ever seen folks trying on “readers” at the single focus counter?  I am told that most of them need bifocals, but they settle for fuzzy vision farther away and focus on the things close at hand.

We are not unlike that today.  We often seek single focus solutions when there are multiple focus strategies that really work better.  We often let the simple solution answer carry the day because it is simple, understandable on its face.  We focus on the close-at-hand and not on the longer term.  We spend rather than save today at the expense of working longer in order to retire.

If you really seek solutions, then don’t be afraid of multiple solution recommendations that focus on different objectives.  Focusing on the close-at-hand can be a mistake.