“As much as you want to have everything work perfect in your organization, it’s probably not going to work perfect,” says Jim Sever President/CEO of PSC Crace & Rigging, in the video above.

Whether it be issues working with your people, working long days, not getting enough sleep, not eating right, or missing out on time with your family—these and other stressors can be draining for a small business owner.

Despite the potential for physical, emotional, and mental stress, you can learn to lead a sustainable and healthy lifestyle as an entrepreneur.

We interviewed John Meredith, President and Owner of SaverSystems and Scott McGohan, CEO at McGohan Brabender, to talk about habits they’ve incorporated into their lives for the sake of their well-being.


Health & Running Your Business Can Go Hand-in-Hand

“Leaders have tons of energy and they are relentlessly thinking about innovation,” says Scott. “But often, leaders neglect their own health.” The problem can be that when leaders neglect their own health, or don’t know ways they can manage their stress, it can impact their ability to lead the company as best they can. It can also put their organization at greater risk if something were to happen to them.

“Leaders have a lot of obligations running an organization—an obligation to their employees, an obligation to their families, and [to their organization],” he explains. When a leader neglects his health, it can be a problem since so many others are counting on them.