Adulting is rough. Especially when it comes to money.

Navigating your first paycheck, paying for rent and health care on your own, saving for your future — all while buried under student loans — can be overwhelming.

But getting your finances in order at a young age is important for setting up a life of financial success, especially for women who face certain obstacles when it comes to building wealth.

Sallie Krawcheck, who became one the highest-ranking women on Wall Street, says women still aren’t on equal ground with men when it comes to finances.

“Until we are financially equal with men, the work of feminism isn’t complete,” she wrote in her guidebook “Mind the Gap” that details the impact of the gap between men and women on pay, work achievement, debt, investing and funding.

Krawcheck, who recently launched Ellevest, a money management firm targeting women, has a few tips for young women: