I’m currently in the process of teaching my first group coaching program to seven amazing female entrepreneurs. During this time, I’ve noticed there are certain pervasive myths that stand in the way of business success.

The truth is most of what the general population says about running a business isn’t necessarily true. If there’s one thing successful business owners learn how to do early on, it’s to question everything.

Here are some common myths that may be standing in the way of your own business success.

Don’t accept credit cards because of fees.

Even though we’re in the 21st century, business owners are still hesitant about accepting credit cards.

The first reason why business owners aren’t accepting credit cards is because of fees. Are they annoying? Yes. But they are also a necessary evil. Because, as one of my Twitter followers recently tweeted to me, “Ain’t nobody got time for checks.”

That Twitter follower is correct. People would rather pay with credit cards because of convenience. Therefore, it’s your job to offer multiple payment options to customers and clients. It’s also your job to find a payment processor with a decent fee structure and security features. Failing to do either of these results in lost revenue.

You have to write that one perfect blog post, and then you have business success.

There is this huge misconception that marketing means you only need to hit it out of the ball park once. Because of this, business owners are failing in putting a consistent marketing message out there.

The idea that you need that one post to go viral is a myth. Instead, you need to focus on consistently being out there. As I recently told my students, you could have the best skills in the world but if no one knows about it it doesn’t matter.

Another way this shows up is when business owners are obsessed with perfection. Again, you’ll notice that the people making the most money aren’t necessarily perfect. Their main concern is getting valuable content out there, not writing eighteen drafts for one post.


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